LMT Anti Logger

A software that helps you prevent spyware from stealing data on your computer

View more Download 4.0.2 (Windows x64)
Requirements for operating systems:

-1 GHz processor or faster.

-2 GB of free RAM for 64-bit operating systems.

-Net Framework 4.7

-Visual C++ 2015 is the minimum version, VC++ 2017/2019 are backwards compatible.

Bye bye Logger

And malware too :D

LMT Anti Logger

LMT Anti Logger is a software that helps you prevent spyware from stealing datas on your computer

  • Real-time protection from viruses / trojans.
  • Block keylogger, screenlogger and webcam logger.
  • Password Manager.
  • Secure online shopping / payment.
  • Protect browser password.
  • Using AI to increase malware detection.
  • Registry Guard.
  • Microphone Guard.
  • DNS Guard.
  • Folder Guard.
  • Firewall.
  • Scan file with Virustotal, AI and heuristic.


The main features of the software

Real-time protection

Real-time protection from viruses / trojans / keyloggers

Block keylogger, screenlogger, clipboard logger and webcam logger

Such software / malicious code will be difficult to steal your data with LMT Anti Logger

Password Manager

LMT Anti Logger helps you manage passwords very securely, ensuring that Keylogger software can hardly retrieve your passwords.

Find and detect keyloggers

Finds and detects software that behaves similar to Keylogger or malicious software!

Secure shopping.

LMT Anti Logger will open a browser in a special environment, so you can rest assured online transactions without worrying about data theft!

Protect browser password.

LMT Anti Logger will notify you when a software tries to steal the browser password